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Kathy delves into Interdisciplinary collaboration to create an immersive dance theater production. She hopes to evoke a wide range of active spectator participation and enhance the ways that dance serves as a rapport to foster diversity in our community. 

"It's extremely exhilarating to be lost in an immersive theater world. I hear their voice, I feel their energy, I follow their story, and I immerse myself in their soul..."

"I am not just looking for breathtaking ideas, incredible choreography, and production. I want to create an emotional proximity with my audiences and help them get through life"

F21 EAI Dance 42.JPEG

Kathy cherishes the deep connection with her students and prioritizes close mentorship to encourage versatility development. 

"I don't ask for perfection but I care about their curiosity about dancing. I want my students to know they are dancing for themselves not for impressing anyone."

"I center three goals of my teaching approach: making course contents relevant to my students, inspiring students empowerment through rigorous training and critical thinking, and cultivating collaborative caring and sharing."

F21 EAI Dance 7.JPEG
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