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Kathy Luo

Choreographer | Educator  Researcher 


Kathy Luo is currently serving as Visiting Lecturer of Dance at the University of Kentucky. She earned her Dance M.F.A degree along with the Dance Artist Teaching Praxis Certificate from Arizona State University. Her professional skills range from codified Modern Dance techniques, Contemporary, Ballet to Chinese Classical/Folk Dance and Yoga/Pilates training. Kathy's dance research explores contemporary dance choreography as a primary tool to investigate interdisciplinary collaboration in immersive dance theater production and site-specific/adaptive projects. Kathy is interested in evoking a wide range of audience participation to honor our diverse social identities that provoke critical and thoughtful discourse and bring different disciplines together to initiate creative ownership. 

As a professional dancer, Kathy has been dancing with different contemporary dance companies, which include her current collaboration with the Desert Dance Theatre for 2021-2022 season and multiple collaborative dance film projects with the Krakenstillandfilm Contemporary Dance Company throughout 2019-2021. 

Kathy strives to share her expertise with the future dance generations. Her sense of putting dance education in a socio-cultural context draws her toward helping multicultural student populations. She cultivates students' intellectual grounding and artistic practice for individual flourishing and the well-being of our society in all kinds of humanistic inquiry.

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